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It was December 2010. Another morning was dawning and the country was plunging even further into a major financial crisis. And just like every other day, Laia was preparing to start the day with her favourite radio show on in the background. Every morning the presenter asked the listeners a question so they could call in and share their experiences. And the question that day turned Laia’s life upside down. “What will you stop doing this Christmas because of the crisis?” asked the presenter. There were calls from numerous listeners who described how they had lost their jobs and how they wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas this year, while others explained that they still had jobs, but that they didn’t know for how long and so they would also be foregoing the parties and gifts. The experiences that rang out from the radio offered a clear glimpse into people’s reality in our country at the time. Then, all of a sudden, a woman called in. Her circumstances were completely different. She explained that she was lucky because things were going well for her, that she and her partner were making a good living and that if any of the people who had called in that morning didn’t have plans for Christmas Eve, then they’d be welcome to come to their house. She even mentioned that if anyone had children, then there would be a gift waiting for each of them. This call lent some perspective to the previous snapshot.

“I realised that many people in my immediate surroundings (they listened to the same radio show as me, so I knew they were interested in culture, economics, politics and so on) were going through a really hard time. However, I also knew that others were lucky enough to be financially comfortable and wanted to get involved, but didn’t know how to go about it”, explains Laia. Thus, the seed for BarcelonActua Foundation was sown.

One year on, in December 2011, BarcelonActua Foundation was created with the aim of offering people like that caller an easy way to get involved socially. It was underpinned by the firm belief that every single one of us has the potential to be vulnerable, that we all lack something and we all have something to offer, all based on a horizontal approach and without seeking to be anyone’s saviour. BAC was founded with the clear purpose of creating a local community of people who could get involved in social action and, in doing so, benefit from a rewarding experience and connect with other realities; a community where we can all make a combined effort.



Our reason for being

The problem to be solved


  • Growing social gaps that give rise to exclusion and discrimination and are not being addressed by the government.
  • Ignorance and a lack of empathy towards socially excluded people and groups, especially in the area of migration.
  • Few initiatives that connect the needs of vulnerabilised individuals with people who want to give and contribute through rewarding experiences that have a positive impact.

Our vision
To create citizens who are more inclusive and more empathetic towards vulnerabilised people and towards difference and diversity in general.

To develop sustainable ecosystems with a transformative impact and to care for vulnerabilised groups by mobilising civil society.







The central philosophy of BarcelonActua Foundation is to work every day to promote a policy and values that are inclusive and non-discriminatory and that cut across all of its fields of action. One of its fundamental objectives is to raise awareness about the principles of equal opportunities and respect by incorporating them into the organisation’s key values and disseminating them among its professionals and volunteers, the people it supports and accompanies, and society at large.

Within the Foundation, measures are taken to ensure that the organisation is free from discrimination based on race, sex, age or sexual orientation. The aim is to promote an inclusive culture and a diverse environment where respect, equality and positive recognition of differences are promoted.

The Foundation’s fundamental belief is that progress towards equal opportunities requires the active participation of society as a whole. For this reason, the organisation is underpinned by citizen mobilisation as the cornerstone to achieving this mission. All its activities are based on the promotion of constant dialogue between the different cultural groups that coexist in society, with a focus on equality, where everyone contributes and everyone benefits.



BarcelonActua and the SDGs


In addition, BarcelonActua Foundation has other global sensitivities and commitments, such as contributing to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is involved in the following specific SDGs:

  • ZERO HUNGER, GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: We work towards these goals through all BAC programmes; from providing shelter through BACstation residential resources and BACacollida Families, where students are able to live, eat and take refuge, all while receiving training and psychological, emotional and legal support, right through to the initial reception programme that meets the food, language and training needs of vulnerabilised people, many of whom are living on the streets.

  • QUALITY EDUCATION: The language and training itineraries, which cut across all programmes, allow us to achieve this objective in three ways: by providing educational reinforcement classes to children in vulnerable situations; granting university scholarships to young people at risk of exclusion (U-BAC scholarships) and to young migrants with tertiary education in their countries of origin to allow them to achieve accreditation for and complement their training (Migrant Up); and, thirdly, offering language classes and support in the training process to all the people we support and accompany through BAC programmes to enhance their links to the city and their future prospects.

  • GENDER EQUALITY AND SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES: We work to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities across all our programmes. Women who participate in the initial reception programme receive support and are provided with spaces for psychological and emotional care, family conciliation and help to enhance their skills. At the same time, we promote volunteering in all areas of society (companies, people at risk of exclusion, schools, universities, etc.) to achieve a more tolerant and inclusive city.

  • DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH: Through the training and employability itineraries, as well as the U-BAC and Migrant Up scholarship programmes, we work to ensure that everyone we support and accompany can access the world of training. Not only that, but we also promote their access to high value-added jobs to strengthen the diversity of social and cultural profiles at companies and administrations in our city. At the same time, everyone receives support through the employability itinerary to achieve decent work and complete autonomy.









Nuestra razón de se
Problemática a solucionar
  • Crecientes brechas sociales que generan exclusión, discriminación y que no están atendidas por la Administración.
  • Desconocimiento y poca empatía respecto a personas y colectivos socialmente excluidos especialmente en el ámbito de la migración.
  • Pocas iniciativas que conecten necesidades de personas en situación de vulnerabilidad con personas que desean dar y aportar mediante experiencias enriquecedoras y de impacto positivo.
Nuestra visión
  • La creación de una ciudadanía más inclusiva y empática con las personas en situación de vulnerabilidad y con la diferencia/diversidad en general.
  • Desarrollar ecosistemas sostenibles que generen impacto transformador y atiendan a colectivos en situación de vulnerabilidad a través de la movilización de la sociedad civil.
La Fundación BarcelonActua tiene como filosofía central trabajar todos los días para promover una política y unos valores inclusivos y no discriminatorios que se aplican de forma transversal a todos sus ámbitos de actuación. Uno de sus objetivos fundamentales es crear conciencia y sensibilizar sobre los principios de igualdad de oportunidades y de respeto, incorporándolos como valores esenciales de la organización y difundiéndolos entre su equipo de profesionales, los voluntarios, las personas acompañadas y la sociedad en general.
Dentro de la Fundación, se vela por que no haya ninguna forma de discriminación basada en raza, sexo, edad u orientación sexual. El objetivo es promover una cultura inclusiva y un ambiente diverso en los que se promueva el respeto, la igualdad y el reconocimiento positivo de las diferencias.
La creencia fundamental de la Fundación es que el avance hacia la igualdad de oportunidades requiere la participación activa de la sociedad en su conjunto. Por eso, la organización se fundamenta en la movilización de la ciudadanía como pieza clave para conseguir esta misión. Todas sus actividades se basan en la promoción del diálogo constante entre los diferentes colectivos y grupos culturales que coexisten en la sociedad, con un enfoque de igualdad, donde todo el mundo aporta y todos salen beneficiados.
BarcelonActúa con los ODS
Además, la Fundación BarcelonActua tiene otras sensibilidades y compromisos de ámbito global, como contribuir a la consecución de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) 2030. Concretamente, está involucrada en los siguientes objetivos:
  • HAMBRE CERO, SALUD Y BIENESTAR: A través de todos los programas BAC, damos respuesta a estos objetivos. Desde la acogida a los recursos residenciales BACstation y las Familias BACacollida, donde los alumnos pueden vivir, alimentarse, resguardarse y recibir acompañamiento formativo, psicoemocional y legal. Hasta el programa de primera acogida que cubre las necesidades alimentarias, de idioma y formación de colectivos vulnerabilizados, muchos de ellos en situación de calle.
  • EDUCACIÓN DE CALIDAD: Los itinerarios de Idioma y Formación, transversales a todos los programas, nos permiten dar respuesta a este objetivo de tres formas: impartiendo clases de refuerzo educativo a niños en situación de vulnerabilidad; concediendo becas universitarias a jóvenes de entornos en riesgo de exclusión (becas U-BAC) ya jóvenes migrantes con estudios superiores en sus países de origen para poder homologar y complementar su formación (Migrant Up); y al mismo tiempo ofreciendo clases de idioma y acompañamiento en el proceso formativo de todas las personas acompañadas por los programas BAC para asegurar una buena vinculación a la ciudad y una buena proyección de futuro.
  • IGUALDAD DE GÉNERO Y COMUNIDADES SOSTENIBLES: De forma transversal, en todos nuestros programas, trabajamos para que todas las personas tengan las mismas oportunidades. Las mujeres que participan en el programa de primera acogida reciben soporte y disponen de espacios de atención psicoemocional, conciliación familiar y apoyo para potenciar sus habilidades. Asimismo, promovemos el voluntariado en todos los ámbitos de la sociedad (empresas, personas en riesgo de exclusión, escuelas, universidades, etc.) para conseguir una ciudad más tolerante e inclusiva.
  • TRABAJO DIGNO Y CRECIMIENTO ECONÓMICO: A través de los itinerarios de Formación y Empleabilidad, así como los programas Becas U-BAC y Migrant Up, trabajamos para que todas las personas que acompañamos puedan acceder al mundo formativo. No sólo eso, sino que también promovemos que puedan acceder a trabajos de alto valor añadido para fortalecer la diversidad de perfiles sociales y culturales en las empresas y administraciones de nuestra ciudad. Al mismo tiempo, todas las personas reciben apoyo a través del itinerario de Empleabilidad para conseguir un trabajo digno y una plena autonomía.
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