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Corporate Partnership

Companies play a pivotal role in BarcelonActua’s Sustainable Ecosystems Model, which allows us to generate a transformative impact on everyone involved: the people we support, our volunteers, and our funders. From a relational perspective based on giving and receiving, companies account for more than 50% of BarcelonActua Foundation’s income.

Companies can collaborate with BarcelonActua in any of the following ways:

  • Project Sponsorship: Companies that opt for this route have the opportunity to align themselves with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and corporate volunteering policies, contributing to the economic sustainability of a programme. This could be anything from supporting a student from a “school of maximum complexity” to access university (U-BAC Scholarships programme) or securing accommodation for a young solo migrant living on the streets without any family support. Contact us to find out which programmes need sponsors!
  • Corporate Volunteering: If you believe that people are your company’s most valuable asset, foster their personal development by promoting values and skills such as empathy, teamwork, flexibility and sensitivity... all through corporate volunteering! Here at the Foundation, we have been carrying out ad hoc activities for years that have had a transformative impact on employees. Contact us to find out what ad hoc programmes and regular activities can help you promote social mobilisation among your employees!
  • Sensitivity Training: BarcelonActua hosts conversations to raising awareness around specific social topics. These can include subjects such as diversity, inclusion, and migration, and are introduced through the first-hand accounts of the people supported by our programmes. By providing a platform for sharing tips, we can learn about the circumstances of those we support and deconstruct preconceived prejudices to enhance our relationships.

Or if you think your company could get involved in some other way, please get in touch by phone at 93 219 74 45 or by email at hola@barcelonactua.org.


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