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Language Itinerary

The main objective of the Language Itinerary, which cuts across all of BAC's programmes, is to develop the Catalan and Spanish skills among the participants of our different programmes. We accompany participants on their journey to achieve language proficiency in both Catalan and Spanish. This knowledge allows them to access different training opportunities, create a social support network, and expand their options in the labour market.


At the same time, language proficiency enhances the participant's autonomy and allows them to create stronger connections to their environment, thereby boosting their confidence in day-to-day life. This confidence will lead to independence and open doors to opportunities, both in employment and in relationships.


Thanks to our partnership with the Coordinator of Language Associations (CAL) and the Consortium for Linguistic Standardisation (CpNL), the Language Itinerary offers individuals in the process of gaining residency through social ties (Arraigo Social), the possibility of obtaining an official Catalan language certification. This itinerary is co-financed by the government of Catalonia.

Training Itinerary

The Training itinerary, which cuts across all BAC programmes, promotes social advancement through vocational training. The itinerary considers training to be first step for the participants in our different programmes in finding employment.


The itinerary seeks to facilitate academic inclusion in training programmes through the guidance and support of BAC team in registering for training courses. Fostering the development of essential professional skills helps improve students’ future prospects.


At the same time, we provide networking opportunities and academic support through specialised professionals and volunteers who act as academic advisors or mentors. They also provide students with personalised monitoring and advice to ensure that they succeed in their training programmes. The primary objective of this collaborative and personalised approach is to help familiarise students with working in a field that interests them, thus improving their job prospects and autonomy.


We collaborate with entities such as Mescladís, PES Martí Codolar and Escola PIA and receive scholarship funding for hosted students from Nous Cims and Fundació Espavila.

Employability Itinerary

The Employability Itinerary, which cuts across all BAC programmes, aims to promote employability through training, employment preparation, and networking opportunities with companies and entities dedicated to promoting diversity in various professional fields.

This itinerary offers job coaching through workshops on career guidance, CV writing, utilizing job-search platforms, and preparing for job interviews. This support is provided by the Employability Itinerary Coordinator and expert volunteers. We also work in collaboration with specialised entities and other companies which allow us to not only offer job opportunities to the people we support, but also to raise awareness about their lived experiences in Barcelona.

The main entity we collaborate with is Fundació Integra.


Administrative and Legal Itinerary

The main purpose of the Legal and Administrative Itinerary, which cuts across all BAC programmes, is to ensure equal rights for migrants by working on administrative regularisation procedures with the goal of fostering their social bonds and ensuring that they have access to the world of training and employment.


To do this, the person responsible for this itinerary (a lawyer), provides personalised attention to the migrants we support and accompanies them through the regularisation administrative process. This can include support for registering with the municipality, applying for a public healthcare card, and obtaining proof of stability needed for residency applications. On top of this, we offer a space with legal professionals, known as the "Legal and Administrative Information Point," which provides migrants with information and assistance in handling legal and administrative procedures.


To ensure that people receive all the support they need to achieve administrative regularisation, we collaborate with other specialised entities and organisations such as Creu Roja, Fundació Hada, FICAT, IACTA, Movimiento por la Paz, Càritas, Fundació Putxet and Noves Vies. Promoting and fostering these networks makes it possible to offer a more comprehensive support system and, at the same time, to create training courses for volunteers and the people we support to ensure that everyone is aware of the procedures and is able to act in an informed manner.





Psychological and Emotional Itinerary

The Psychological and Emotional Itinerary offers individual or group psychological and emotional support to the people who make up the different parts of the BAC programmes. We work to create support spaces through specialists, training capsules, workshops, and listening circles to help the individuals we support learn how to manage and express their feelings, emotions, and concerns associated with the real-life situations they encounter. We offer coping strategies and emotional management tools to enhance the autonomy and resilience of those we work with. The itinerary also offers support for volunteers and BAC team members to ensure that they have the tools to manage emotionally complex situations.

The main entity we collaborate with is the Institut Integratiu GRAAS.