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Migrant Up

Every year migrants with higher education qualifications from their country of origin arrive in our city. They face huge obstacles in obtaining employment that is aligned with their training, not only because they are usually in an irregular administrative situation, which forces them to take whatever job they can get in the informal sector, but also because of the challenges associated with validating their qualifications. Their lack of a network and information ends up condemning them to precariousness, which leads to a loss of talent and diversity in organisations for our society.

The Migrant Up programme provides migrants with information and advice on getting their qualifications recognised and offers them scholarships to validate the additional credits they need for accreditation and also to undertake postgraduate studies to complement their training. At the same time, job mentors and counsellors are involved in supporting students and helping them enter the workplace.

Accreditation and scholarships allow society to harness the potential and human capital of migrants, all while enhancing the racial and cultural diversity of companies and administrations. This helps break down the association between migrants and low value-added jobs.

Lines of work
  • Financial support
    Migrant Up scholarships cover the recognition of degrees from foreign universities, including the costs associated with validation of the additional credits needed for accreditation. At the same time, they also cover the cost of complementary studies that will allow participants to access high value- added work.
  • Academic and employment support
    Academic support is tailored to the needs of each participant, but it always involves continuous monitoring by the BAC team, support from a mentor specialised in their field of study and a work coach to provide them with sound guidance and prepare them to enter the workplace.
  • Psychological and emotional care
    No comprehensive support system would be complete without emotional support. For this reason, we work to create support spaces through specialists, workshops and listening circles to help students learn how to manage and express any emotional challenges they might encounter upon their arrival.




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