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LANDING is a guidance and support programme committed to the development of adults living at risk, many of them migrants. Its cornerstones include the creation or strengthening of support networks through training, socialisation, administrative and legal advice, psychological and emotional support and inclusion in the labour market. It aims to support people based on their requirements and to offer services tailored to their profile and needs.


As with the Foundation’s other programmes, LANDING is underpinned by volunteering as a key component, since part of the Foundation’s mission is to mobilise civil society. Volunteers get involved and come together to help transform the circumstances of those at risk of exclusion. Their accompaniment and support is a priority for BarcelonActua to ensure that their experience is rewarding.

The programme responds to the various needs and profiles of the people we support and accompany, and consists of different phases that correspond to each person’s level of connection and engagement with the process.

Lines of work

Phase 0: This is designed for people who would like a meeting place and a hot meal. To meet these needs, dinners are organised on Tuesdays and Thursdays and breakfasts on Saturdays and Sundays. While they enjoy a meal, people can ask for advice and guidance and can also request the services of our team of volunteers and professionals.


  • Services: Guidance hub, dinners and breakfasts.


Phase 1: We support people with greater requirements in terms of their development. Many of the people we attend to are migrants who need to learn the language and socialise to help grow their network in the city. For this reason, they are offered language classes and the opportunity to become a volunteer, in addition to the abovementioned services.


  • Services: Guidance hub, dinners, breakfasts, language classes and volunteering.


Phase 2: This phase is for people who want and need a higher level of attention in terms of their development and who commit to the programme through a personalised Work Plan. At this stage, the Foundation offers individuals a series of services (itineraries) that are designed to guarantee their development and social inclusion and are tailored to their profile.

One of the first steps is to connect people with a mentor, a volunteer who helps enhance their socialisation, accompanies them through their social inclusion process and supports them in their personal development journey. Each attendee is then connected to services that will allow them to focus on their areas for improvement through a comprehensive support package provided by professionals in the Foundation’s various itineraries.


  • Services/Itineraries:

Languages and training: Attendees who do not speak Catalan or Spanish, or whose level is very low, are offered language classes to guarantee their linguistic integration. We also provide them with support to research and monitor the training courses best suited to their profile as a priority to guarantee the development of the people we support and accompany.

Legal and administrative support: Many of the attendees have complex administrative and legal circumstances and require specialist support to ensure that these do not hinder their development. For that reason, they are attended to and supported by a specialised team of lawyers to ensure that their administrative and legal situation is managed efficiently.

Employability: We offer a service that allows attendees to enhance their skills so that they can find work, with specific monitoring and support through volunteer job coaches. The support they receive helps them access the entities and companies with which BAC enjoys ties, thereby increasing individuals’ job opportunities and enhancing diversity.

Socialisation (mentors): One of the mainstays of our support is to ensure that every person has a support network, thereby creating sustainable micro-ecosystems through the bidirectional benefits enjoyed by everyone involved, including volunteers, funders and people at risk. This is achieved through mentors, language teachers, volunteer activities and corporate volunteering carried out by the people we support and accompany (Toma&Daca), recreational activities, activities for children, etc.

Psychological and emotional care: Psychological and emotional support is provided by specialised personnel and through training capsules, workshops and listening circles. Individuals are provided with spaces to manage their emotions and concerns associated with the real-life situations they encounter. This is an essential service to guarantee that people are provided with comprehensive care.